How to quickly test your UT3 mods with nFringe

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If you are like me, you will quickly get sick of waiting for the game to load only so you can click through a bunch of menus and find out that your mod didn’t work.  Well I have good news!  There are some settings that we can pass into UT3.exe to make it jump right in and show us the results of our work.

Right-click your project in Visual Studio’s ‘Solution Explorer’, and then select ‘Properties’.  Choose the ‘Debug’ tab on the left and make the following changes:

  1. Check the ‘Load map at startup’ box, and then put in the map name of your choice (I personally use WAR-Torlan as this was always my favorite, even in UT2k4).
  2. After your map name, we need to specify some command line options.  We will use the ‘?Mutator=SuperStinger.SuperStinger’ option to load up our mutator*, and also the ‘?quickstart=1’ option so we don’t have to wait for the count down.  So our ‘Load map at startup’ field should read:  WAR-Torlan?Mutator=SuperStinger.SuperStinger?quickstart=1
  3. Check the ‘Disable startup movies’ box so we can bypass all of the advertisements
  4. If you want your input settings to be applied while you test your mods, we need to login to your on-line account.  Under ‘Additional Options’, add the following text replacing ‘your_login’ and ‘your_password’ with your online account information: -login=your_login -password=your_password

*If you don’t know what to supply for your ‘Mutator’ parameter, locate the .ini file for your mutator class in the ‘Solution Explorer’ and open it up.  You will see a line for the class name that you should use, in my case, it looks like this:


UT3 quick start settings for testing mods

That’s it!  Enjoy… 😀

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Friday, March 27th, 2009 Computer Programming, Tutorials

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