A review of “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss

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The 4-Hour Workweek

The 4-Hour Workweek

The title of this book attracted me at first sight.  I mean, who could resist the idea of a four hour workweek?  This book is certainly an interesting read for anyone who is an entrepreneur as it covers a number of topics around working more effectively, and then automating your duties in ways that, realistically, only an entrepreneur in certain industries can.

For the employee, the author details many ideas built around focusing intensely so that you can complete more work within smaller amounts of time.  Ideas like only checking your business email once or twice per day, avoiding office interruptions by wearing a telephone headset so people will assume you are on the phone, saying no to meetings, and so on.  Once you learn how to be hyper-productive, you can try to use this as a bargaining point for reduced hours to help free up your time.  Later in the book, the author discusses how you can convince your employer to let you work from home which will leave you capable of traveling while you are working.  This methodology is clearly only valid for certain industries, and it would tend to leave one far from a 4 hour work week.

The title gains much credibility in the entrepreneurs perspective.  The author makes some very good points that help reduce the time required to run your business (like NOT actively pursuing your customers who consume 95% of your time and only generate 5% of your revenue).  If you run a nutritional supplement company (as Mr. Ferriss does), it is much easier to unload your duties and still be able afford your cost of living.  There are also many great resources in the book for starting up a business, marketing processes, manufacturing, and managing customer service all with the goal of automation in mind.


This book is very inspirational and quite funny as well; I cannot tell you how many times I have busted up laughing while reading it.  I love the part where the author walks you through a fill-in-the-blank method of getting fired.  Many people who have read this book claim that it has changed their life, and I can see that.  I do think about my time a little bit differently now as it is the one thing that we cannot “reverse” once we lose it.  We shouldn’t be working so hard during the most physically capable years of our life so that we can relax only in our old age (assuming we live that long).  As an entertaining, insightful, and motivating read, I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to run their own business someday.

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