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Low-carb “Taco Bell” style chicken quesadillas

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This is a delicious, low carbohydrate recipe that tastes almost exactly like Taco Bell’s chicken quesadilla.  The secret is to get the “Creamy Jalapeno Sauce” from your local Taco Bell store.  It costs 10 cents for a 2 ounce container, and I usually use an once on each quesadilla, so this gives you an idea of how much to buy.  Below, you will find a list of what you need, and the brands used are important.  This is especially true of the shells.  If you don’t have this brand of shells, please don’t give up on the recipe until you try it with the right shells.  I buy them at my local Super Wal-Mart (they are in the refrigerated section by the cheeses).  Click the images to see the brands and nutrition info*.

What you’ll need

*Nutrition information for the Creamy Jalapeno sauce can be found by going to http://www.tacobell.com/nutrition/calculator/ and clicking on Condiments and Sauces -> Creamy Jalapeno Sauce

  • 2   Tortilla shells
  • 3/4 c   mix of shredded Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese
  • 1/2   of a chicken breast, cubed
  • 1 oz   Creamy Jalapeno Sauce from Taco Bell

Net Carbohydrates: 13.5 grams

Top one shell with half of the cheese, and then add cubed chicken.  Spread around 1 oz of the jalapeno sauce and top with the remaining cheese (if you will be making multiple quesadillas, load the sauce in a plastic sandwich bag and cut off the corner so you can squeeze the sauce out.)  Preheat a skillet (so it will cook fast and you do not lose cheese), and then carefully transport the shell to the pan.  Throw the remaining shell on top and press down while it cooks to help it melt together.  After a couple of minutes, hold the quesadilla to the pan and then flip the pan upside down (leaving the quesadilla securely in your hand).   Put the pan back on the stove and drop the quesadilla back in to cook the other side.  A couple of minutes later pull it out and enjoy!

Let me know what you think. 🙂


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